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Study Affairs is an overseas education consultancy firm based in Nigeria, with the head office in Lagos and a branch office in Abuja. As an International Education Consultancy, we provide personalised customised services to students, thus, enabling them to find the right international university. We also provide extensive services to our students ranging from career counselling, programme and university selection, application process and visa support. We have a competent team of experienced counsellors with a substantial experience and background in the field of international education.

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Career counselling and programme selection

University selection

Personal statement and portfolio workshop support

Processing applications for Admissions

Finance and living expenses advice

Pre CAS interview advice (UK Universities)

Visa application at designated visa centres

Pre-departure guidance and counselling


We have a competent team of experienced counsellors with a substantial experience and background in the field of international education
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Study Affairs is your go-to platform for hassle-free international education. This one-stop hub simplifies the complexities of studying abroad, offering comprehensive guides on admissions, visas, and diverse academic programs worldwide. With user-friendly tools, it helps students explore institutions, compare options, and make informed decisions. The website prioritizes a supportive community, connecting students through forums to share experiences and advice. Study Affairs stands out for its personalized support, offering counseling services to address individual concerns, from course selection to cultural adjustments. It's not just about studying abroad; it's a companion for a transformative global academic journey, opening doors to endless possibilities.

Cultural Integration

At Study Affairs, we prioritize cultural integration for a seamless global student experience. Our platform provides personalized support and resources, guiding students through language challenges and cultural adjustments. By fostering a supportive community, we connect students for shared experiences and valuable advice. With Study Affairs, cultural integration isn’t just a part of the journey; it’s a transformative aspect, ensuring a smooth transition and enriching the global educational adventure. We believe in opening doors to a broader perspective, making international education a fulfilling and inclusive experience for every student.

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International Education Trends: Study Affairs' Informed Guidance

Study Affairs keeps you in the loop on the latest trends in international education. We provide guidance on evolving study formats, technology, and industry demands. Our platform ensures you make informed choices for a successful global education experience. From online learning to skill-focused programs, Study Affairs equips you with the knowledge needed for the future of education. Stay ahead with our informed guidance and make the most of your international academic journey. Stay informed with Study Affairs, your guide to evolving international education trends, ensuring success in the dynamic global academic landscape.

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Best Reviews From Our Clients

Thrilled to receive top-notch reviews from our clients! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re grateful for the positive feedback. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually deliver exceptional service. Thank you for choosing us

Exceptional service from the study abroad agency! Their dedicated team ensured a smooth application process, provided valuable guidance, and made my dream of studying abroad a reality.

Kehinde Ige
Kehinde Ige


Study Affairs surpassed my expectations! Their unwavering support and meticulous planning made my study abroad journey effortless. I commend their professionalism and personalized approach. Grateful for a top-notch experience with Study Affairs!

Ayobami Samuel
Ayobami Samuel

Business Analyst

Study Affairs made studying abroad a reality. Their guidance and preparation streamlined the process, making it stress-free.

Samuel Elesho
Samuel Elesho

Class Teacher

Enlisting Study Affairs for my study abroad plans was a game-changer! Their expert guidance, attention to detail, and personalized service eased every step of the process. Kudos to a team that truly understands and enhances the study abroad experience!

Abayomi Jasper
Abayomi Jasper

HR Analyst

Choosing Study Affairs for my study abroad venture was a brilliant decision! Their dedicated team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, guiding me seamlessly through the application process. A heartfelt thanks for turning my international academic dreams into a reality!

Chioma Okafor
Chioma Okafor

Student Nurse

Study Affairs is the epitome of excellence in study abroad services. Their meticulous approach, personalized assistance, and genuine commitment transformed my overseas education journey into a remarkable and enriching experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Study Affairs for a journey beyond expectations!

 Oluwaseun Adeniyi
Oluwaseun Adeniyi


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